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Feb 26th

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Cityscape Architect is a Malaysian Architectural Consultant Firm, which was incorporated in April 1994. The firm is registered with the Finance Ministry of Malaysia, Board of Architect Malaysia and other government and private agencies.

Cityscape Architect is a Professional Architectural consultancy practice and offers services in planning, design and project management on projects of any size and complexity as an Architect or Principal Project Consultant undertaking the responsibilities of co-coordinating the entire consultant team of Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, etc.

Cityscape Architect conducts each and every engagement in accordance with the highest accepted standards of a professional organization.

Cityscape Architect has computerized its project (design and drafting) section and most of the design works are done with the CAD system with latest peripherals. Computerization has enabled Cityscape Architect to efficiently deliver job where time is a crucial factor. Currently we have forty (40) workstations equipped with the latest computer tools in order to meet our client’s expectations.

By maintaining high standards, Cityscape Architect aims to acquire a solid reputation for integrity and a high standard of work. Our long term goal and strategy is to achieve a position of leadership in the performance of quality consultancy services to address the individual needs of our clients. Our common objective is to ensure that all works handled by the firm shall be completed on schedule, of the desired quality consistent with the client’s requirements and within the budgeted man hours.

Cityscape Architect is a 100% Bumiputera firm.

Cityscape Architect is a 100% Bumiputera Firm